WHITE Equipment Safety Straps, Box of 2 Pr.

WHITE Equipment Safety Straps, Box of 2 Pr. - Buy WHITE Equipment Safety Straps, Box of 2 Pr. - Purchase WHITE Equipment Safety Straps, Box of 2 Pr. (Baby Products, Categories, Safety, Cabinet Locks & Straps)
WHITE Equipment Safety Straps, Box of 2 Pr.
Parent Units Brand WHITE Equipment Safety Straps – One Box (Two Pairs) Secure TV Sets, Microwaves, Computers and More for Child Safety. Moving, Sliding or Slipping Equipment Can Topple Onto Children or Pinch Fingers. Note: Picture shown is black. These straps are white. Use anti slip safety straps by Parent Units only on stable, secure stands or wall units. Use Topple Stops to secure bookcases, dressers, etc. to wall studs. TV or Appliance Safety Strap Kit Features: Anti-slip straps. Safely and securely anchors most appliances, furniture and equipment. Easy to use. Peel and press adhesive square in place. Four (4) white buckles (2 in. x 2 in.) and two (2) 5 in. white locking strap s(5/8 in. wide). Bonding time: Four hours to set adhesive for buckle before adding strap. Full bonding after 72 hours. Use 2 Safety Straps for in.low profile in. equipment up to 50 lb. Use 4 Safety Straps for heavier weight and top heavy items up to 100 lbs. Suggestion: Install when children are not present, i.e. asleep for the night. Product Performance Warranty : This product does NOT replace child supervision. This product is only intended to help or reduce movement of equipment during jarring movement. It is common understanding that fastened equipment should fare better during jarring movement than equipment that is not fastened, helping to reduce the amount of damage and injury that could result. No warranty can be properly applied to the performance of the products due to the uncertainty of forces generated, and numerous variables involved in a jarring event, or natural disaster. Products that are defective in material and workmanship prior to installation of the product will be replaced. The user or third party installer accepts liability for injury, loss, or damage, direct or consequential, arising from use or misuse or inability to use the product.
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