* Helps reduce risk of choking * Great for Fruit & Veggies * Water-filled area inside handle keeps food chilled * Easy Grip Handle * Convenient Storage Cap * Childproof Lock

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Deluxe tethered outlet plugs mean no danger from loose plugs entering a childs mouth, and plugs won’t get lost! Our Shock-Lok outlet plugs reduce the hazard of open electrical outlets, while allowing adults easy access to outlet receptacles. ::Features: ::* Safe, convenient tether-strap design:* Extra tight, child-protecting fit:* Pull tab allows easy removal by adults:* Package contains enough Shock-Lok for 10 outlets (5 receptacles)

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Warming & Sterilizing Skip Hop The modern bottle drying rack is a perfect addition to any kitchen. The circular design saves space and keeps all of babys feeding accessories off the counter. The integrated brush makes cleaning quick and easy. The uniqu

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Children love interacting with the family. In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is more important than ever to encourage these special moment of togetherness. The dining table is more than a place for mealtimes. It’s for playing, homework or simply just talking, enjoying quality time together. A child sitting at the same height as an adult at a table stimulates the development of confidence. We believe that life around the table is incredibly important.::When TRIPP TRAPP® was launched in the 1970’s, it looked quite different from any other high chair. It was nothing less than revolutionary. The designer, Peter Opsvik, created the chair after seeing how uncomfortable his son, Tor, was after he outgrew the traditional high chair. Tor’s feet dangled awkwardly and his arms were unable to reach the table: he simply couldn’t get comfortable. The TRIPP TRAPP® provided the perfect solution.:: * JPMA certified.: * Holds up to 300 Lbs.: * 9 Wood finishes.: * 7-year warranty on all wooden components.: * H 31 x D x W 18

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The award-winning, fully adjustable Svan Chair is designed for every stage of your childs life and complements any home decor. Both ergonomic and safety-certified, the beautiful, bentwood high chair and youth chair will provide your family with a lifetime of use. Also includes tray, pastic tray guard, and the Svan safety guard with crotch bar.

The Svan Chair grows with a child at every age and size. Since the seat and footrest can be freely adjusted along the main beam, the chair can be adjusted to always fit the precise needs of a growing child. The Svan Chair is so flexible that it adjusts all the way to meet the needs of a teenager or even an adult.

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Baby Products Categories Feeding Highchairs Highchairs & Booster Seats

Baby Products Categories Feeding Highchairs Highchairs & Booster Seats

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The CozyMe Cover Furry has a 20 inch zipper that makes it easy to put it on and take it off any of The CozyMe Pillows! The CozyMe Cover Furry is made from incredibly soft stretchable furry fleece. The CozyMe Cover Furry has two Velcro tabs so that it can be used with both The CozyMe wedge and prop up pieces. The CozyMe Cover Furry makes cleaning as simple as one simple unzipping! CozyMe; Cover; Pillow; Gift; Baby

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Designed with removable retractable reel built into the cover to help prevent accidental exposure. Simply swing the reel around the back and attach into the small velco pocket. Velco is strong enough to hold, but easy to detach and remove the cover.::Original length; measures 35 inches x 18 inches.

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