For those with a sense of style, these soft pals double as funky room decor. Super cool and snuggly soft, Zooya animals are made from polar fleece with embroidered appliques in cool contemporary colors.

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Say “Get Well Soon” in a touching, humorous way with Sicky Vicky Bearington Collection Get Well Soon Bear. This 10″ bear is wearing pink pajamas with “Get Well Soon” embroidered on the shirt. A great gift by itself, or as an add-on to flowers or other Get Well gifts!

Bearington designs have proven to be both fantastic collectibles and charming decorative accessories for the home. Buyers and collectors have come to rely on the fantastic quality of Bearington pieces. Bearington strives to make their pieces the most detailed collector designs in the industry. For outstanding detail you need outstanding quality, and Bearington refuses to settle for anything less than the best. Its because of this that the end consumer can feel certain that when theyre buying a Bearington, theyre buying the best.

How does one distinguish a Bearington Bear from all of the others? Well, if you find a bear that has enough personality to make you smile and/or laugh, and the bear is fashioned with the highest quality apparel and accessories and is offered at an unbelievable price then, It MUST be a Bearington. In the past few years, Bearington has received recognition from its peers in the plush industry by receiving numerous TOBY (Teddy Bear of the Year) Industry Choice Awards, TOBY Publics Choice Awards, Golden Teddy nominations, Collectible of the Year in Canada and is rated one of the fastest growing plush companies in the industry.

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Help this loveable little giraffe get all stretched out. Just pull his neck way up high and stretch his limber legs down low. His furry, flexible body comes with feet that jingle, rattle, crinkle and squeak. He also has clinky rings and multiple textures for your baby to explore, pull and chew. Machine washable.

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This extra cuddly cotton toy makes a wonderful first companion or toy for baby. We love the simple design, natural cotton terry and cotton flannel and gentle expression of the dog.  The bandana around this puppy’s neck is removable.  Towel dolls are an old fashioned European tradition for new mothers.  The soft towel doll absorbs the familiar scent of a mother.  When baby is alone, this calming effect leaves baby feeling safe and happy. Lovingly designed and made in Germany.

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Under the Nile products offer you an alternative to conventional apparel. All the cotton is 100% ORGANIC, 100% Egyptian. The natural cotton assures you that absolutely no pesticides or chemicals have been used through the entire production process. These products were created because of concern about the pollutants that our children are exposed to, which includes the clothes they wear. These garments are safe, pesticide-free, comfortable and naturally dyed. Accessories such as buttons and zippers are made for organically friendly elements like wood, shell or nickel-free metals. The farm that grows our cotton and makes our apparel focuses on fair trade and provides a worldwide model community for organic agriculture along with a supportive work place.The fact that we use cotton grown in Egypt makes it even more extraordinary because of the extremely soft, gentle and durable features Egyptian cotton is known for.

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This four-piece, segmented dragon is sure to delight and engage any early learner. The multicolored pieces are attached to each other with strips of Velcro, each making a different crinkly, squeaky or rattling noise. Upon the tail of the dragon is a wooden ring, which can be used for teething, or for hanging the toy out of the way. Cloth parts made from cotton and polyester. Designed in Germany and made in Thailand under Sigikid

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Fisher Price Walking Dino The Walking Dinos from Fisher Price are perfect for any child. The Walking Dino is a Fisher Price toy which features realistic head motions, tail motions and roaring. The Dinos will certainly be a roaring success with your child. Raider the Allosaurus is the perfect toy for any boy who loves dinosaurs. Trample is the perfect Fisher Price toy for a child 3 years and up. It is packaged in open and try me packaging.

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Infants and Toddlers discover and learn with crinkle and rattle noisemakers and baby-safe mirror.

This perfect stroller companion features a playful animal theme, which includes a horse, cow and lion made of “oh-so-soft” plush.

These dangling animals inspire discovery by encouraging the child to reach up to find the hidden noisemakers, which “crinkle” and “rattle.”

Another great feature of this stroller toy includes a baby-safe mirror promoting visual stimulation.

The fun and pleasing-to-the-eye colors capture and hold baby’s attention.

Touch and close fastener attaches to all strollers.

GUND is known worldwide for its top quality, soft and huggable plush designs. Award winning GUND products appeal to all ages, from infants up, and are perfect for both play and collecting.

Surface washable.
11.5″ wide x 9.5″ long.
Ages: Birth and up

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Say Cheese! Your little ones can take pretend pictures with this easy to hold plush camera. This embroidered and embellished camera features an oversized, easy to push button that makes a snap sound when the shutter is pressed. Includes a removable lens cover, attached with Velcro, with a baby-safe mirror underneath. This camera is so cute, it is sure to make baby smile. Requires no film or batteries, just plenty of smiles and tons of fun!

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